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united communications – integrated brand communication since 1995

Creative ideas, absolute commitment, proven know-how and that essential modicum of pragmatism - this is how have helped brands since 1995 to strategically coordinate the ever-growing possibilities offered by their communication mix so that they can perfectly reach their customers, through all available touchpoints. For united communications, integrated communication is not just the latest fad; it is two decades of practical experience.

Since the agency’s inception, we have also supported start-ups with building brand awareness and market entry.

Our China Business Department offers consulting and communication for Chinese businesses and organisations that want to enter the European market. Through our partner agency Topline Consulting Co., Ltd. we also have representations in Beijing und Shenzhen.

You will find our Berlin PR and advertising agency office in Berlin Treptow-Köpenick, close to Treptower Park. We also have liaison offices in Hamburg and Essen (North-Rhine Westfalia).


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Facts instead of catchphrases.
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In our compact practice workshop Energy for your brand®, we analyse the cold hard facts of your business and develop, with you, a strategy that can be immediately put into action. Since the entire process requires little in the way of time and money, this type of workshop is also perfect for proofing the quality and effectiveness of your current strategies.

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Use ours as your Berlin address.

And benefit from all amenities and services we provide to our clients: graphic design, copywriting (including English, French and Chinese native speakers), modern IT as well as a professional, full furnished conference room and fully equipped workstation spaces, should you need them.

The way we work

3 Steps to success

Good brand communication is also sustainable brand communication. And it appeals to the people it is meant to reach. That is how we have worked since 1995 – successful for us and our clients.


The clear focus on people – instead of target groups – is apparent right from the beginning in our strategic approach. Accordingly, after the goals of the client have been defined, we ask the three defining questions:

  • 1. Who?

    Who are the people we must communicate with in order to meet our client’s objectives?

    Often the decision is to focus on either B2B customers or end-users; however, truly successful communication addresses the entire supply chain. That’s why contact with the press is just as much a part of integrated communications as including trade partners and/or one’s own (marketing/sales) team.

  • 2. Where?

    Where do we find these people?

    Or more to the point:

    where can we best reach these people?

    Normally there is not just one touchpoint through which they can be reached. And each and every time the approach must exactly fit the current location and existing context. This is the reason that being able to precisely fine-tune communications is indispensable. We have discovered that whoever does this quickly comes to realise that the obvious contact point is typically not the best.

  • 3. How?

    How do we approach these people- verbally, visually and emotionally?

    The group and context in which a person exists influence how they they communicate. That is why it is important to find the right tone, appropriate to each individual situation. For example a CEO in a football stadium is a classic fan but after the game, at a 5 star hotel, is once again a guest or even a VIP and expects to be addressed in an appropriate manner. Just as a company must present itself differently at a recruiting trade show than at a press conference concerning their fiscal report.

By the way, in our brand workshop Energy for your Brand® you can quickly and inexpensively get to know our methods.

Our principles

Business based on accountability

As specialists for integrated brand communication it’s our job to present and build awareness for our clients’ products, services and messages within their intended publics. We are happy that, while doing so, we have also continually been able to prove that successful business and acting in a sustainable, responsible way in regard to nature and society do not contradict but are directly related to each other.

Values and vision

Inspired by the UN Global Compact, we are committed to adhering to its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption; in all our business undertakings.

united communications recognises its corporate responsibilities regarding employees, clients, service providers and all other stakeholders. We define the values and principles that play a central role in our business life. And we bank on fairness and respect in our dealings with each other as well as in our daily interchanges with external interest groups.

The idea for Global Compact was first presented by the General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, in a speech at the World Economic Forum on 31 January 1999. One year later, the idea was realised. The General Secretary invited companies to take part in an international initiative – the Global Compact – which would bring representatives of the private sector together with the infrastructures of the United Nations, jobholders and civil society, in order to cultivate the establishment of a set of universal social and environmental principles.

The goal of the Global Compact is to encourage the social engagement of companies through the power of negotiation – so that the economy can become a part of the solution when it comes to meeting the challenges of globalisation. In this way, the private sector can contribute to the General Secretary's vision of the realisation of a fair and sustainable world economy through collaboration with other social stakeholders.

Today, businesses from all regions of the world, international workers' unions and organisations of civil society alike are taking part in the Global Compact.

Social commitment

The principle of accountability must be a part of all business dealings. Our social and ecological engagement is concentrated in three central areas: political education & youth; supporting independent local arts/artists; as well as developing environmentally friendly solutions for clients and our agency.


Sustainable communications

In 2008 we, as a team that included all of our colleagues, decided to analyse our existing commitments to social, ecological and economic issues and, based on the conclusions, to develop a complete sustainability strategy. The result of our status quo analysis for 2009 and the programmes that we subsequently wanted to employ we collated and presented in our first CSR report 2009/2010 (in German).



Art in the agency

Inspiration for creatives

united communications has its roots in Berlin-Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. In the year 1995 Manfred Großert and Peter Link started at Riehmers Hofgarten in Kreuzberg, five years later the agency moved to Oberbaum City in Friedrichshain. Those who work creatively need inspiration. What couuld be more fitting than decorating the agency walls with works of artists from our surrounding area rather than with the usual prints? Over the years, this small but fine collection has extended to over 40 exhibits.

You can download the catalogue (in German) here.












Our partners


China: Topline

Topline Consulting Co., Ltd.
in Peking und Shenzhen

China: Topline

Topline Consulting Co., Ltd.
in Peking und Shenzhen

NRW: Kugelfisch

Kugelfisch Kommunikation
in Essen/Ruhr

NRW: Kugelfisch

Kugelfisch Kommunikation
in Essen/Ruhr

Trade fair architecture + construction


Trade fair architecture + construction


Topline Consulting was established in Beijing in April 2010. Among its clients are leading brand companies from industries such as information and communication technology, finance and banking, consumer goods, the automotive as well as healthcare industries. Headquartered in Beijing, it also has offices and partners in the major Chinese cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. More information www.topline-consulting.com.cn 

With their strategic partnership established in July 2013, united communications and Topline Consulting aim to increase their competitive edge, emphasize their international expertise and lay the foundation for joint communications projects.


Kugelfisch is an owner-operated agency that was founded in 2010 in Essen. Many years of experience with well-known clients in the FMCG, consumer electronics and construction sectors define the agency's background. Cross-media connected concepts, as well as developing integrated POP marketing activities – also internationally – are one of their most in demand agency services. They co-operate closely with branch experts in the areas of sustainability and inhabitant health. Working with them, Kugelfisch creates thematic communication campaigns for specialist target groups as well as sustainability reports. More information: www.qglfsch.de.

The owners of both agencies have known each other for more than a decade and have worked together, successfully completing numerous projects. By opening liaison offices, both agencies are following their goals of offering their clients more services as well as increasing their individual competitive strength and building the foundations for additional joint communications projects.

Skupin Design GmbH, founded in 1983, is a premium full service provider for sustainable trade fair construction. The team of specialists behind Dipl.-Ing. architect Frederick Skupin always succeeds in showcasing brands adequately through exciting room impressions. www.skupin-design.de
The owners of both companies first met in 2000 when they worked for a mutual client and have done so ever since. Their cooperation is aimed at offering their clients more services as well as improving their own competitiveness and lay the foundation for further joint projects.


Managing Partner

Peter Link

Managing Partner

Peter Link

Senior Partner

Thomas Klickermann

Senior Partner

Thomas Klickermann

Dipl.-Kommunikations-Wirt Peter Link (UdK Berlin)

The co-founder of the agency and now managing partner, Peter Link, supports the united communications team with brand communications consulting for international IT and CE companies.


  • Consultant for international IT and CE companies, e.g. Nokia, Volkswagen, ViewSonic Europe, AOC International (Europe) as well as numerous NPOs, such as GTZ, NABU Deutschland
  • Consultant and account executive for various advertising agencies
  • (Ex-)CEO of the worldwide advertising agency network ComVort

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of application
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts, offers, services and deliveries of united communications GmbH - hereinafter referred to as Agency - unless otherwise agreed in writing. Deviating general terms and conditions of the business partner shall not apply even without the express objection of the Agency.

2. Contractual basis
The Agency always conscientiously represents the Client's interests and contributes to achieving the jointly set goals. However, the Agency does not owe any economic success to the services it provides.
The Agency's activities are based on the Agency contract or the verbal framework agreements as well as the Client's briefing. If the briefing is given orally, the Agency prepares a contact report on its content, which is usually sent to the Client within one week of the consultation. The contact report becomes part of the contract if the Client does not object to it within a period of three days.

3. General performance conditions
All services expressly requested by the Client shall be remunerated. This applies in particular to concepts and media plans, unless otherwise agreed.
If not agreed otherwise, the first contact meeting with the Client will not be invoiced. Each further meeting will be charged on the basis of the agreed fees. The Agency shall be entitled to an appropriate fee for participation in presentations, which shall cover at least the personnel and material expenses as well as the costs of all external services. Insofar as the concepts and drafts created within the framework of a presentation are not used for advertising campaigns on behalf of the Client, the Agency shall be entitled to use them for other purposes. The passing on of presentation documents to third parties without the consent of the Agency is not permitted.
The Agency may demand an additional fee customary in the industry for Agency services which are subsequently commissioned by the Client or which become necessary for the execution of the order as a result of circumstances which could not have been foreseen at the time the contract was concluded. The Agency shall inform the Client if it is foreseeable that the actual costs will exceed the cost estimate by more than 20%. The cost overrun shall be deemed to have been approved if the Client does not object in writing within three days of being notified accordingly.

4. Rights of use
The Agency grants the Client the rights of use required for the respective purpose for the designs created by it. The rights of use are only transferred after full payment of the remuneration for the respective design.
Depending on the purpose of the contract, the rights of use are limited in time, content and/or space. Unless otherwise agreed, only a simple right of use shall be granted in each case. The Client must provide the Agency with information about the scope of use.
The Agency may demand a reasonable additional fee for uses that exceed the contractual scope. This applies in particular to new editions (such as reprints), uses on other advertising media as well as uses in modified or extended form.
Any transfer of rights of use to third parties requires the prior consent of the Agency, even if an exclusive right of use has been granted in individual cases.
If press clipping or other media monitoring services are agreed, the Client acts as the sole principal vis-à-vis third party service providers and assumes full liability vis-à-vis authors and publishers. The Client exempts the Agency from claims by third parties in this respect.

5. Originals
The ownership of drafts and final artwork shall remain with the Agency. Originals shall be returned to the Agency as soon as they are no longer required for the exercise of the transferred rights of use. The business partner shall be liable for any damage or loss, including loss during shipment.

6. Acceptance
Complaints must be made in writing within 10 calendar days of delivery of the components of an order. Acceptance shall then be deemed to have taken place. Acceptance may not be refused for artistic or design reasons.

7. Fees and terms of payment
All price quotations, in particular those in offers, order confirmations and invoices shall be exclusive of statutory value added tax. Expenses and services of third parties are charged with a 10% surcharge.
Unless otherwise agreed in the Agency contract, payment shall be due without deductions upon delivery of the work. If the entire order can be divided into individual services, the remuneration for each individual part shall be due upon delivery. If the execution of an order extends over a period of more than 6 weeks, the Agency shall be entitled to demand advance payments in proportion to the services already rendered in relation to the total order amount.
Media costs shall be transferred in full to the Agency prior to firm booking. If the Agency does not receive the total amount on time, the Agency shall be entitled to refrain from the planned booking. Other external services are to be paid immediately after the invoice has been forwarded. If, according to the contractual agreements, external services to the value of more than 1/3 of the order amount are to be commissioned and paid by the Agency, the Agency may demand an advance payment in the amount of the expected costs.

8. Liability
The Client himself is responsible for compliance with legal regulations, in particular competition, trademark and copyright regulations, when carrying out advertising measures, even if the measure was proposed by the Agency. The Agency shall inform the Client of any legal objections to a measure, to the extent that such objections are discernible to the Agency. The Client shall indemnify the Agency against claims by third parties in connection with the implementation of advertising measures.
The approval of productions and publications is the responsibility of the Client. With the approval the Client takes over the responsibility for the correctness of picture and text. If the Client delegates the release to the Agency in an individual case, he exempts it from liability to this extent.
The Agency is liable within the scope of the fulfilment of its contractual tasks by employees and vicarious agents only for intent and gross negligence. The liability is limited to the damages typical for comparable transactions as well as to the damages foreseeable at the conclusion of the contract, unless the damage was caused intentionally or grossly negligently by a legal representative of the Agency. The Agency shall only be liable for consequential harm if essential contractual obligations have been breached. Liability for third-party services commissioned at the instigation of the business partner is excluded.

9. Dates and duties to cooperate
The Client shall ensure that information and documents required for the fulfilment of the order are received by the Agency in good time. If the Client does not comply with his obligation to cooperate immediately upon request, the Agency shall be released from liability for compliance with the agreed deadline. Delays caused by the delayed delivery of external services shall release the Agency from its obligation to comply with the agreed delivery date.

10. Place of performance, place of jurisdiction, applicable law
The place of performance shall be Berlin, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively to the contractual relationship and the resulting claims.
The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with the contractual relationship and its creation and effectiveness shall be Berlin, provided that the business partner is a merchant within the meaning of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch).

Valid as of January 2013

united communications GmbH
Am Treptower Park 28 – 30, Haus A
12435 Berlin

Managing Director: Manfred Großert
Phone: +49 30 789076-0
Email: to@united.de


Please contact Manfred Großert, Peter Link or Gunhild Flöter if you are a journalist and would like more information or have further questions:

Email: presse@united.de
Tel.: +49 30 78 90 76-0

  • vegency relaunches website

    To stand out in the growing maze of vegan offerings, companies need differentiation and a clear brand image. In 2014, the agency united...

    Berlin, 21 June 2022 – To stand out in the growing maze of vegan offerings, companies need differentiation and a clear brand image. In 2014, the agency united consultancy/united communications – located in Berlin – founded its vegency unit to achieve just that. vegency specialises in customised brand communication consultancy for companies, NGOs, and start-ups with plant-based, vegan or cell-based offerings. As part of the current website relaunch, a news section was added, which offers exciting insights into plant-based products and services. It includes easy-to-read maps that provide an overview of existing brands/manufacturers of vegan milk, cheese, fish, meat, and sausage alternatives in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

    Vegan, plant-based, and cell-based products are exceptional – and the accompanying communications measures should equally reflect this. vegency supports B2C and B2B clients in these ventures with a comprehensive service portfolio that ranges from marketing & communication strategy consulting, LinkedIn & multimedia campaigns, storytelling, and influencer marketing to programmatic advertising.
    The experts at vegency have in-depth know-how of the plant-based sector and many years of experience in all areas of international brand and science communication.

    "We are strongly convinced that our planet needs change urgently and that creative brand communication can significantly influence this process. With the new website, we not only want to improve how we present our numerous service offerings but also express our passion for plant-based products. Since the respective target groups are very complex and the products often require additional explanations, we were also keen to integrate current industry insights and news that offer readers a real added value," says Gunhild Flöter, Director Sustainability & Brand Communications at vegency.

    "With our new plant-based landscape maps, for example, visitors at our new website have access to well-designed graphics that depict the current brand/manufacturer landscape for vegan milk, cheese, fish, meat, and sausage alternatives in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland*. For this purpose, we have monitored the product portfolios of numerous companies in recent months. We have noted a continuous growth of the vegan assortment, especially amongst the own-brand labels of discounters. Of course, the maps are updated regularly. In the just added "News" section, readers will find the latest background information and current news from the industry," Gunhild Flöter continues.

    The new website www.vegency.de was implemented in WordPress by the Berlin communications agency united consultancy/united communications.

    *As of June 2022

    About vegency
    Specialising in branding vegan, vegetarian, and cell-cultured innovations: vegency puts brands on the map.

    Vegan and vegetarian products have long since arrived in the middle of society - vegency recognised this trend early on and has served clients from the food, research, and media sectors since 2014.

    vegency is a unit of the Berlin communications agency united consultancy/united communications, which has been supporting companies and NGOs from the IT, telecommunications, education, science, and research sectors in branding, PR, CSR, marketing, and channel communications since 1995.

    Further information on vegency can be found at www.vegency.de.

    About united consultancy / united communications
    Founded in 1995, the international agency united consultancy / united communications offers clients a full range of services from strategic consultancy to creative sales and brand communication.

    united consultancy
    The consultancy unit of united communications focuses on three primary services:
    •    Strategy consulting
    •    Business development
    •    Foundation consulting

    united communications
    The communications unit designs and implements PR, advertising, and social media campaigns for leading brand companies, start-ups, foundations, and other NGOs/NPOs. It also supports clients in stakeholder dialogues and change processes - on a local, national and international level.
    For the rapidly growing e-sports market and forward-looking plant-based/vegan business models, the agency has established two special units, united pro gaming, and vegency.

    united communications has participated in the United Nations Global Compact (www.unglobalcompact.org und www.globalcompact.de).

    If you have any questions or require further information, please contact:
    united consultancy/united communications GmbH
    Manfred Großert
    Tel.: +49 30 78 90 76 0
    E-Mail: presse@united.de

    Press contact vegency:
    vegency c/o united consultancy/united communications GmbH
    Gunhild Flöter, Meike Koch
    Tel.: +49 30 78 90 76 0
    E-Mail: to@vegency.de


    Berlin, 3 September 2020 - We congratulate our client Haier on winning the 2020 Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design category for its...

    Red Dot Awards 2020 for hOn app by Haier


    We congratulate our client Haier on winning the 2020 Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design category for its innovative hOn app, a new integrated digital solution for centralised control and management of all brands of Haier Europe's household appliances.

    The Red Dot Award has a 65-year history of competition and is the most important and prestigious design award with more than 18,000 entries per year. An international jury of 24 people awards the renowned prize in the category "Brands & Communication Design" exclusively to products that are equally convincing through exclusive design and creativity. This year, over 7,000 products were submitted in the category "Brands & Communication Design" alone.

    The fact that hOn could convince here is the result of a precise strategy. With this app, Haier Europe is not only aiming at an immersive, truly useful and satisfying user experience, but above all, it is the result of a conceptual change in the Haier Group's approach away from the Internet of Things towards the Internet of Beings.

    It is thus no longer purely technology: the Internet of Things is becoming a technological factor that can help the Haier Group to create a real ecosystem. By focusing on people and their needs, a technological environment is created that allows anyone who wants to do so to live in a truly networked context and manage it in a simple and appealing way.

    More Information:
    Manfred Großert, Katja Drießen, Melanie Wollermann
    E-Mail: Haier@united.de
    Tel.: +49 (0)30 7890760


    Berlin, 3 July 2020 - What actually motivates people to reach for an almond drink in the supermarket instead of cow's milk, a veggie burger instead of...

     Uni Hohenheim and EIT Food launch new information platform Food Unfolded 


    What actually motivates people to reach for an almond drink in the supermarket instead of cow's milk, a veggie burger instead of minced meat? With a two-tiered, pan-European study on the acceptance and prevalence of plant-based foods, the University of Hohenheim is launching a communication project sponsored by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) – a topic that is currently and continuously attracting attention across most industries. vegency, the communications agency for vegan and vegetarian products and services, supports this project with evidence-based content about plant-based nutrition.

    The initiators of this large-scale study are a consortium of top-class partners from science and industry, including the universities of Hohenheim, Aarhus and Turin, the companies Danone and Doehler, and the non-governmental organisation ProVeg International. "We want to bring this type of nutrition closer to the population in Europe – with solid information that is understandable for everyone," explains project leader Klaus Hadwiger from the Research Centre for Bioeconomy at the University of Hohenheim. "There are still many misunderstandings about plant-based nutrition. We want to change that. We are therefore eagerly awaiting the first study results."

    Approximately 75 million people in Europe eat plant-based or vegetarian food, and the trend is increasing. The number of people who reduce their meat consumption, so-called flexitarians, is even greater.

    Plant foods are, in the truest sense of the word, on everyone's lips these days. Now that alternatives to meat, cheese and cow's milk can be found on the shelves of almost all supermarkets and discounters, the trend has reached the heart of society. The researchers and food experts now want to understand more about this development. Are consumers motivated by health, ethical, ecological – or may completely different reasons be the driving force? What reservations and barriers do consumers have about the new food items? Should the taste and/or appearance of the substitute products come as close as possible to the original - or should they, on the contrary, be clearly distinguishable? The study aims to provide answers to these and other questions, which are of equal concern to consumers, experts and the economy.

    The project will be accompanied by background articles and social media campaigns - in cooperation with the EIT Food web platform FoodUnfolded, which is dedicated to information and entertainment on the topic of food and nutrition.

    This will be supported by the vegency, the communications and content agency for the plant-based industry, with scientifically sound content. Thanks to her scientific background, Angelika Schulz, Unit Director vegency, knows this is particularly important to counteract disinformation and the spread of superficial knowledge: "Consumers are bombarded every day with numerous reports on new, surprising study results. Many people find it difficult to distinguish a well-founded study from less credible results, because a great deal of background knowledge is required to do so. With our articles on foodunfolded, we want to provide readable, comprehensible information that allows lay people to inform themselves easily - with the certainty that the information contained is based on valid, scientific findings. After all, half-truths and rumours circulate on the internet quite often".

    The series started with an article on the topic of proteins in a plant-based diet. Other scheduled topics include individual nutrients, frequently asked questions and the health effects and the health effects and benefits of a plant-based diet. Currently, the articles on foodunfolded.com are available in English, but a German adaptation of the portal is already being planned.

    More Information:
    Angelika Schulz, Unit Director vegency - c/o united communications GmbH
    E-Mail: angelika.schulz@vegency.de
    Tel: +49 30 789076 60


    Berlin, April 2020 - Unfortunately, for many senior citizens, loneliness has long been part of their everyday lives. In order to put an end to this,...

    SNOM phones in use against loneliness among Seniors

    Unfortunately, for many senior citizens, loneliness has long been part of their everyday lives. In order to put an end to this, the Berlin-based association Silbernetz e. V. was founded one and a half years ago in Berlin. Here, volunteer members help people who are alone – and now particularly isolated due to the Corona pandemic – to overcome their loneliness with the help of the “Silver Telephone”.

    Due to the good response and the currently increased urgency through COVID19, the conversation hotline 0800 4 70 80 90, originally limited to the Berlin area, received a nationwide expansion.

    Corona has forced the silver network volunteers to do their community work from home.

    Our customer Snom, a well-known manufacturer of VoIP telephones, has donated 100 telephones for volunteers and employees of the association, so that they are perfectly equipped for their important work.

    More information: 
    Manfred Großert, Angelika Schultz 
    E-Mail: presse@united.de 
    Tel.: +49 (0)30 7890760


    Berlin, 31 March 2020 - #Covid19 has a tight grip on India too. The current curfew for 1.3 billion people has drastic consequences especially for the...


    Foundation booklets Vicente Ferrer Foundation


    #Covid19 has a tight grip on India too. The current curfew for 1.3 billion people has drastic consequences especially for the poorer population. In these times of crisis, the work of the German Vicente Ferrer Foundation is even more important. As an agency, we have been supporting the Berlin-based foundation since autumn 2019 and are very pleased that the new, detailed foundation booklet and information flyer, which we designed, are now ready.

    In the upcoming months, we will work with the Foundation to further sharpen its social media strategy and to think about the topics of sponsorships and fine fundraising*. In the future, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is going to focus primarily on the expansion of the support project "Women for Women" as well as educational promotion and health counselling.

    *Apply to courts and state prosecutors for imposed fines to be directed to the foundation

    More Information:
    Gunhild Flöter, Account Director united communications GmbH
    E-Mail: pr@united.de
    Tel.: +49 30 78907619